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Who are we

We are a student university group based in Karlsruhe and StuttgartWe build cutting-edge hyperloop prototypes and demonstrate them at international trade fairs and competitions. We are especially looking forward to the European Hyperloop Week, which is the exciting highlight of our season and which we are working towards with tireless dedication.

What we offer you

  • Practical experience besides your studies
  • Inspiring team of highly motivated students to work with for ONE common goal
  • Working on cutting-edge technology
  • Acquire professional skills that will help you in your future life (e.g., teamwork, systematic coordination of tasks, perseverance)
  • Get connected to our partners from industry (e.g. via thesis cooperation)
  • Fun during and after work 😉

With what you can shape our team

  • Motivation
  • Personality
  • Expertise
  • Commitment
    • Team member: min. 15h/ week
    • Division lead: min. 30h/week
    • Board member: 50h/week
  • Your own ideas

our divisions

To make our prototype levitate, we realize an electro-magnetic suspension concept. Besides dimensioning the magnets in terms of i.e. magnetic flux, levitation technology focuses especially on the control but also the cooling of the system. Optimizing the air gap between track and pod is the challenge to tackle!

This team makes our pod move forward by designing a linear induction motor (LIM). The motor is powered by battery modules which are developed as well and even manufactured by the team.

Power distribution, low voltage power supply and wiring harness are only a few tasks that are covered by our electronics hardware team. This team makes the pod with all its sensors, low voltage consumers and LEDs coming to life. 

In electronics software, we develop the brain of our prototype. Communication to the pod via CAN bus, sensor evaluation and telemetry are mandatory to control the pod with all its components. Receiving all the data and process them is realized within this team.  To ensure the system’s functionality early on, Hardware-in-the-Loop testing is applied to different components.

Structure and Packaging has the overview. The team designs our pod’s core piece, the frame that keeps everything in place. FEM simulation and a lot of CAD modeling are this teams’ daily business. On top, they distribute all the components and find the right spot on the frame.

To make our pod safe, an emergency brake system and a suspension system are part of the mechanical structure. During the design process, especially structural and thermal analysis are performed to guarantee safety of the pod even at higher speeds.

The aerodynamic team is in charge of our not only beautiful looking but also highly optimized aerodynamic shell. To find the perfect shape fitting the packaging of our pod, CFD simulations are this teams’ main task ahead of manufacturing the shell out of fibers ourselves. 

This season we have built a first test track, in the future we want to optimise and build a longer track. We are aiming for a modularized track setup which fits our needs from levitation side. Structural simulation is to be conducted within this team as well as innovative ideas on the overall setup.

Within this team, all sponsoring and funding matters are managed. Contacting companies in the industry and acquiring sponsors to supply our project with resources is just as important as financial planning and accounting, so that we always keep track of our budget.

To present our team and our work during the season the marketing team designs our social media channels and improves our website. On both platforms we present our partners which requires this team to communicate with our industrial partners. And additionally, all our merchandise is designed and organized within this team.  

We want to present our vision to the world and therefore, our event planning team is organizing trips to various fairs as well as our trip to the European Hyperloop Week (EHW). This team is also responsible for our pod reveal event, the Hyperlaunch where we present our pod the first time. In event planning, all the teambuilding is planned to keep the team hyped!

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