Our Approach_

Cutting-Edge Technology

To make the highly promising Hyperloop concept a reality, we have to develop our own perspective of the concept from scratch. Therefore, we are entering new technological territory. Whether it’s the ideal aerodynamic shape of the shell or our specialized LIM (Linear Induction Motor) technology, which allows us to levitate and actuate the Hyperloop pod in a single component. Each of our divisions strives to optimize specific parts in terms of safety, performance and sustainability. Scroll down for an overview of the various projects and components we are working on to bring this cutting-edge technology to life.

Main research_

Hyperloop Pod Prototype

In addition to general research, the focus of the work at mu-zero HYPERLOOP is on the development of a functioning, levitating hyperloop prototype (pod) that can be presented at international competitions and networking events. In the following you can find our areas of research and development.

Hyperloop – made in Baden-Württemberg

Looking for an opportunity to write your thesis?

As part of our new research task force to advance Hyperloop technology, you could have your own academic impact on the Hyperloop project. Write your thesis at mu-zero and benefit from the cooperation with our strong partners such as SEW Eurodrive!

At mu-zero HYPERLOOP e.V. we are accelerating research behind the hyperloop concept and change the future of mobility. The hyperloop concept is a cutting-edge technology with many arising challenges. To impact the establishing of this new mode of transport worldwide, we are further focusing on research regarding full-scale models/simulations, reasonable routes, design of vacuum tubes and more. With the help of our industry partners we will tackle some of the research questions that we are facing today. Let’s change the future of mobility. Together!

Apply now!

You have two options for this: Either you apply for one of the published theses of our partners in industry, which would be in the sense of a cooperation, or you can send us a speculative application. Also check out the theses written at mu-zero in our research archive!


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